the piece of art
  • Branding
  • User Interface
  • Testing

Let's make the world pretty.

We either create the new brand language for you or adapt the existing one to the digital product.

But that’s just the first step. All the designs will be tested for functionality and perceiving.

How we do it?

Implementation tools
Stage output
Implementation tools
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
Stage output
  • New product branding
  • Existing branding adjustment
User Interface
Implementation tools
  • Sketch
Stage output
  • Design
  • Animations
  • Style guide
Implementation tools
  • InVision
  • Users interview
  • Hallway interview
  • Product analytics
  • A/B tests
Stage output
  • Decision on final layout

The result


Design is not just about the looks, but that doesn't mean the looks are irrelevant. After our UX designers make sure the product does the job, our visual designers take over - and dress it up to look the part as well. Time to ditch the boring grey wireframes and visual, baby!

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