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Obsessive: Workshop-Driven Insights and Strategic Tech Recommendations for Growth

The need

The goal of Obsessive was to verify the technological solutions available on the market, and then to consult on the choice of a new platform that would be able to effectively achieve business goals.

The solution

Conducting workshop sessions and consultations aimed at diagnosing:
• measurable business goals
• functional and non-functional requirements of the system
• project risks along with the method of their mitigation
• criteria for measuring success after implementation
• competitors environment
• stakeholder groups and their impact on the project at various stages of the work
• business processes that should be handled by the new system

The result

Documentation presenting a complete set of information on the Obsessive business perspective, conclusions from the workshops, as well as the final recommendations for further actions based on the framework that meets the business requirements, along with the result of the market analysis and justification.

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