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When working in the world of technology,
it’s important to stay connected with people.
Experience boutique-quality software delivery.

Three points that make us unique

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Boutique software
delivery process

Small enough to stay human, smart enough to slay. We believe in 5 boutique delivery values that are provided in every project we implement.
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Business orientation

To build your product, we first verify, what your business and customers really need. The tech we deliver must meet your business goals. Let’s learn them first.
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Marketing background
and expertise

Together with KERRIS, we are a leading group creating software for marketing and sales. We understand and respond to marketers' needs.

Why our clients want work with us?

1 / 14 development team, as a part of KERRIS, worked on Agronomist portal implementation. I am happy to admit that has fulfilled its obligations with due dillegence, fully implementing the terms of the contract. The work went quickly and with high quality standards. I can recommend as a proven and reliable partner. emphasizes its boutique approach to software delivery by focusing on close personal interactions, transparency, business care, and a proactive approach. I have to admit that they honestly stick to the communicated values.

They know what they were doing, were really professional but above all when we were at crucial moments of the project, they showed adaptability and understanding and were able to implement new changes so as to satisfy the Client and meet the highest expectations.’ work helped the client redefine their company’s strategic goals by refreshing their visual identity. The team strictly adhered to the established timeline and budget, making for a seamless workflow. They impressed with their professionalism and receptiveness to client input.

The client is delighted with the new site, describing it as more premium-looking. is a reliable partner — they deliver quality services in a timely and budget-friendly manner. The team is also dedicated to each task, and they communicate regularly to ensure both sides are always in sync.

What is really special about is their boutique service. They put a lot of emphasis on understanding business goals and working according to them. Moreover, I can assure you that their customer service is top-notch.

The integration project was a success. was able to meet the client’s demands promptly and effectively. The team showcased their superb professionalism as they heavily focused on transparency and clear communications between the two parties.

What is really impressive about is that they really care about your business. model rely on business approach and I can confirm it is visible during cooperation. You can find a lot of contractors on the market but if you want to find a partner, is certainly the right choice. provided us a great IT support, especially in the range of front-end development works. Cooperating with in a long distance deserves special attention. Our company is based in Singapore, however there haven’t been any communication problems despite different timezones or business cultures. We firmly believe is more than capable to run complex digital projects for companies located anywhere in the world. We would highly recommend them. is a really engaged partner that I can count on in business and technical areas. It is really rare on the market and some kind of their USP – is not only a contractor and technical vendor, it is also your business partner.

Working with means having a committed partner. I am pleased to admit, the team are professionals, focusing on close dialogue and achieving business goals.

Definitely demonstrated enthusiasm, professionalism, and flexibility. From the beginning, was determined to deliver a result that meets our expectations. That is not easy to observe on the market. was very focused on efficient communication and process transparency. That allowed us to have a great workflow between both teams. In everyday contact we used emails, Slack and Jira. Their communication is consistent with the actual business model. is a listener that cares for your business first, which is rare on the market., as a part of KERRIS, was responsible for designing and implementing the Bonduelle Master app for professionals. I am pleased to confirm that is not just a contractor, but a reliable partner who cares about developing useful, high-quality digital products.

Software boutique key features

  • Transparency
  • Code Think first
  • Proactive approach
  • Top-notch communication
  • Don’t scrum me here

Everything we do, we do for you.

Therefore, each stage of our work is visible. We lay all cards on the table. There is nothing to hide both in terms of the project environment, work progress or the level of commitment of individual members and their seniority. We are a partner, not just a contractor, therefore we play fair.

Market and business relevant tech.

We know how to create quality code, but we believe that it's not the most important element in the process of creating a digital product - and only one of many. We prioritize business and concept works, and those aimed at selecting the optimal solution architecture. We strongly focus on competences related to interface design (Product Design), usability maximization, conversion, but also communication.

Risk mitigation through anticipation.

We take action in advance - before a small difficulty turns into a problem. We are prepared to deal with an unexpected change or obstacle. We are aware of the complexity of the digital products we deliver, which is why we are proactive.

Dedicated customer support.

We provide a high level of communication that saves time and increases efficiency. We give you our full attention and expertise whenever you need it. We provide you with complete information about your project at any time.

Change is constant – let's expect it.

A collaborative framework that will be most effective (not standardized and template). We simplify the most complex circumstances using best practices, knowledge, and experience. We define a process that allows you to maximize the efficiency of work while responding to any specific requirements.

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  • React.js
  • Vue.js


  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Cake
  • Zend
  • Python


  • WooCommerce
  • Sylius


  • Native Script
  • Quasar


  • WordPress


  • Tree.js

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