Software-house oriented to your business.

Welcome to the new approach to your ideas. We respect them, but before we turn them into great pieces of technology, they need to be challenged. Let’s do it together. Shall we?

before we
get to work

We care for your business first. With the smart approach and well-structured business model, we can work on your app. Don't get us wrong: we want you to succeed. So first things first.

we deliver digital products to power your business.

mobile business first

the tech we deliver must meet your business goals.
Before we build digital stuff for you, we first verify, what you - your business and your customers - really need. That's the only way to learn what to design. The tech we deliver must meet your business goals. So let’s learn them first.

seamlessly worldwide

we work in every timezone.
Are you based in Singapore? San Francisco? Berlin? We don't care. With a proven track record of working with clients all around the world, we provide you with a boutique IT service no matter where you are!

handpicked dream team

made to deliver
We hire top IT specialists, yet we focus on management and business approach. We don't specialize in all programming languages, we specialize in business. We might not have every single one of thousands of technologies in-house, but we do have the framework to build your dream product with any technology you want.

post launch support

time to show some love
We are responsible for all we do. We don't want to just give you our product, we want to make it successful. Together with our friends, we can prepare a complete performance strategy plan, and execute it like a boss.
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Our services


High performance, SEO optimization and easy to use CMS. We put it all together using WordPress, being one of the best in Europe.

Product design

We have marketing background and know how to design an interface that will increase your product conversion and also align with your communication strategy.

Mobile apps

We know how to implement hybrid mobile applications using Native Script. And we are good at it. Simple as that.

IT & digital consulting

We are a team of business-oriented digital experts with proven track record, providing you with high-quality consulting services.

Custom software development

We are specialists and enthusiasts of tailor-made IT systems. UX optimized, scalable, highly secure, converting according to your business goals.


We implement eCommerce focusing on optimizing the customer journey and maximizing conversion. The profitability of your business is fundamental to us.


Tech we use


  • React.js
  • Angular
  • Vue.js


  • PHP Symfony
  • PHP Cake
  • PHP Laravel
  • PHP Zend
  • Python


  • WooCommerce
  • Custom


  • Native Script


  • WordPress


  • Tree.js

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