challenging the ideas.
forging the right

business first

The tech we deliver must meet your business goals. Let's learn them first. You work with our expert team - CEO, Business Strategist and Designers. Pure business consulting. A lot of meetings.
  • Business Requirements
  • User needs
  • Market Landscape
  • Evaluation

project scope

hands dirty

Once we know our goals, let's discuss how to reach them through the product. The key is the information architecture. We design mock-ups that illustrate the shape of the presented system - with focus on the functionality. Finally, the our solutions will be verified on a clickable prototype.
  • Structure
  • Wireframes
  • Testing


a piece
of art

Let's make the world pretty. We either create the new brand language for you or adapt the existing one to the digital product. But that's just the first step. All the designs will be tested for functionality and perceiving.
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Testing

branding and design

the exciting part

hurray! together we’ve prepared very well. it's time to decide how we are going to lay those bricks and do some real tech stuff. our developers or trusted partners will turn your dream into code.
  • Coding
  • QA


time to show some love

we are responsible for all we do. and we love what we do. so after the product is launched we take care of it with DevOps, bug fixing, growth, and much more. Our friends from Kerris Select can take care of your product in terms of Performance Marketing. Creatives from Kerris Agency can work out its beautiful visual character.
  • Launch
  • Support
  • Maintenance

gradual product improvement