the exciting part

  • Coding
  • QA

Hurray! Together we’ve prepared very well. It's time to decide how we are going to lay those bricks and do some real tech stuff. Our developers or trusted partners will turn your dream into code.

We know where to go and how to get there. Time to actually do some tech stuff. We hire the best experts and craftsmen on the market. That does not mean we always have a 100+ team of devs just waiting for your mark.

For your projects, we can hire external developers and work with our trusted partners to deliver the product we designed. That’s why sometimes you don’t need a software house. We need it.

How we do it

Implementation tools
Stage output
Implementation tools
  • SCRUM framework
  • PRINCE2 method
  • Jira / YouTrack Software
Stage output
  • Source code
  • Code documentation
Implementation tools
  • User Acceptance (UAT)
  • System Integration Testing (SIT)
  • Unit / Interface Testing
Stage output
  • Quality Assurance reports

The result


So, there you have it - the result of all the hard work, finally done. New, shiny, and ready to launch. Just go ahead and enjoy the show!

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