getting hands dirty

User Experience
  • Structure
  • Wireframes
  • Testing

Once we know our goals, let's discuss how to reach them through the product.

The key is the information architecture. We design mock-ups that illustrate the shape of the presented system – with focus on the functionality. Finally, the our solutions will be verified on a clickable prototype.

How we do it

Implementation tools
Stage output
Implementation tools
  • Information architecture
  • User flows
Stage output
  • Site map
  • Navigation
  • Architecture scheme
Implementation tools
  • Lo-fi wireframes
  • Interactive prototype
Stage output
  • Feature requirements
Implementation tools
  • Guerilla tests
  • A / B tests
  • Usability tests
Stage output
  • Feature adjustments

The result


The prototype is ugly, there's no two ways about it. It is also, however, invaluable to graphic designers and developers alike, because it helps them better understand the project and work faster and more effectively. It's also one of the cheapest ways to illustrate, how are we fulfilling scope requirements. If we make the prototype interactive, we can also use it for usability testing - verifying design decisions with actual users.

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