business first

  • Business requirements
  • User needs
  • Market landscape
  • Evaluation

The tech we deliver must meet your business goals. Let's learn them first.

First things first. Before we start anything, you work with our expert team – CEO, Product Designer, Business Strategist and Designers. Pure business consulting. A lot of meetings.

This is how we can deliver a good action plan. We break down your business and analyse it from every perspective.

How we do it

Implementation tools
Stage output
Business requirements
Implementation tools
  • Service blueprint
  • User journey mapping
Stage output
  • Action plan for further research
User needs
Implementation tools
  • Stakeholder interview
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • In-depth IDI interviews
  • Analysis of existing materials (available reports prepared from other sources)
Stage output
  • Target group report
Market landscape
Implementation tools
  • Competition analysis
  • Desk research
Stage output
  • Market research report
Implementation tools
  • UX expert audit
  • Google Analytics
  • Eye tracking
Stage output
  • Current state analysis

The result


We use the information gathered to determine the feature set of the product. This is a list of all the actions the user can perform, but also of what the system can actually do. This helps us to both avoid "feature creep" and set realistic workload for the project.

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