time to show some love

  • Launch
  • Maintenance
  • Improve

we are responsible for all we do. and we love what we do.

So after the product is launched we take care of it with DevOps, bug fixing, growth, and much more. Our friends from Kerris Select can take care of your product in terms of Performance Marketing. Creatives from Kerris Agency can work out its beautiful visual character.

How we do it

Implementation tools
Stage output
Implementation tools
  • Gitlab CD/CI
Stage output
  • Product release
Implementation tools
  • Kerris Select
  • Kerris Agency
  • 300.codes
Stage output
  • Creative concept
  • Mediaplan Communicaton
  • Strategy
  • IT / digital analyzes & recommendations
Implementation tools
  • Sentry
  • Cloudflare
  • Grafan
  • Telegraf
  • Rsync
  • Git
  • Docker
Stage output
  • SLA
  • High security standards

The result


So, you thought we were done when the product launched?<br>Think again. Now the real fun begins: making sure that the system runs smoothly and any errors are fixed ASAP. And that's not all! Now we can finally move beyond the basic features and start improving the product - by both adding new features and improving the existing ones.<br>The work is never done. It just is.

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