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Meet Epinote

Epinote is a Warsaw-based start-up with expertise in the fields of Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning and Automation that provides high-quality data annotation and collection services.

They specialize in Computer Vision, NLP, and search relevance projects including image, video, text, and audio annotations.

Epinote’s management model is based on deep understanding of the nature of large human-intense projects and the needs of Data Scientists.

The challenge

Epinote came with the need for an informative website that would attract client leads and top talents in related fields to join their team. They wanted a solution that would reflect their vision and the diversity of services they offer. The website was to present the offer to future clients and potential employees in a captivating way.

Scope & services

We provided an extensive set of services, covering a wide range of areas. These services encompassed a diverse scope and consisted of:

  • Market research
  • Trend analysis
  • Product design
  • CMS (WordPress)
  • Animations and illustrations

The result

The success of our work can be measured by several key metrics. Firstly, the bounce rate decreased significantly, showcasing the effectiveness of their user-centered design. Epinote website’s loading time also improved, which resulted in stronger user engagement.

Furthermore, Epinote noticed an increase in the number of completed user journeys, such as contact form completion and successful navigations to important site features. All of the above can be attributed to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface we designed and developed.

How we did this

All the design work that we did for Epinote resulted in a very engaging, well-organized UI that reflects the start-up’s young spirit. We managed to structure the website’s architecture that helps users navigate through the wide spectrum of services that Epinote delivers.

We needed to deliver a solution that would convey relevant information for two types of users: potential clients and possible job applicants.

Discovery phase

Trend Analysis & Benchmark Research: Epinote was a very well-prepared client. They provided us with a broad selection of benchmarks they found exciting and inspiring, and very well-crafted content. They knew exactly what and how the page was to communicate their mission.

We decided to focus our efforts mostly on creating a stunning UI to complement it.

Key insights

Based on the research, benchmark analysis, and client’s valuable input we established key success criteria:

  • Communicate the diversity of service in a clear and captivating way
  • Constructing engaging case study presentations template
  • Boosting lead generation form the contact form

Design, creation & development phase

Based on the user flows developed by our UX designers, we design high-level mockups of the website. The main challenge was to build a clear architecture of information to help the user navigate through Epinote’s wide spectrum of services.

The creation phase started with an intense moodboarding session, during which we made sure we were on the same page when it came to what visual direction our design team would follow.

The next step was to develop a design template using the system’s home page. After its approval, we implemented the visual layer for the rest of the website’s screens.

The final product of this stage was the complete UI documentation of the project.

UX design

Based on the user flows developed by our UX designers, we designed a set of wireframes. The main challenge was to build a clear architecture of information to help the user navigate and direct them on the right use case scenario. One for the potential client and the other for an applicant.

UI Design

We decided to engage more of a holistic approach when designing for Epinote this included equipping them with a dedicated design system. The design system offers a very comprehensive approach to design by providing guidelines, principles, and rules for creating consistent and cohesive user experiences across various products and platforms. Designers can streamline their workflow, ensure consistency and coherence in their designs, and ultimately, deliver high-quality user experiences that meet the needs and expectations of their users.

As a fun touch, our design team created a set of custom illustrations that add engagement to the user experience and create a lasting and memorable impression. Custom illustrations can reflect a brand’s young personality and are great for building a strong and distinctive brand image.

Key features of Epinote’s website

Home page

Our expert team of designers and developers created a complex landing page that delivers results.

We believe that the first impression is the last. That’s why we made sure that a landing page has a stunning hero banner that captures the essence of Epinote.

It’s energetic, young, and eager to keep up with the newest, hottest trends.

The landing page is equipped with several clear call-to-action buttons (CTA). We use eye-catching banners strategically placed throughout the page to maximize the impact of the CTA’s.

We understand that the users will visit looking for solutions to their problems, that’s why we use language that focuses on the benefits of Epinote’s services. We highlight how Epinote’s solutions solve their pain points and make their lives easier.

Don’t just take our word for it! The satisfied customers are a testament to the quality of our work. The testimonials section helps to build credibility and shows clients how Epinote can help their business succeed.

Presenting Epinote’s wide spectrum of service

Epinote offers a wide spectrum of services.

We needed to make sure this information is well structured and that potential clients find the services they need quickly and fuss-free. The structure of the information was critical, we needed to think it through and put things together clearly and logically.

Our Architecture of Information designer grouped related services to provide intuitive navigation that helps users find what they’re looking for. On top of it, we made sure to include detailed and informative descriptions of each service, the client provided well-written copy and we added cool graphics and spiced things up with engaging micro animations.

Join the team

We crafted a page that showcases our customer’s extraordinary team. “Meet the Team” serves as an invitation to explore the diverse talents and expertise within the organization, introducing each member individually. But our customer’s team extends beyond borders!

To cultivate an ever-growing community of talents, we enthusiastically encourage individuals to join the Epinote’s roster. We have integrated an easy-to-spot Call-to-Action (CTA) button that invites aspiring freelancers to apply and become part of the Epinote family of skilled experts.

Case studies

Success stories and case studies are proven to be one of the most engaging pieces of content on the website.

Potential clients usually want to see evidence of the company’s competence and track record before they employ any service.

By sharing success stories and case studies, a company can effectively build credibility and demonstrate the value it will bring to its clients and
that potentially can increase sales.

The conclusion is simple: case studies can be one of the most valuable segments on the website.

With all this in mind, we made sure that Epinote has a well-promoted case study section that will differentiate them from its competitors which is extra important in such a highly competitive environment.

What sets apart is their ability to seamlessly integrate design and development. Moreover, their dedication to understanding our brand and translating it into the digital space was commendable. Commitment to our project and their genuine interest in our success made it feel like they were an extension of our team rather than an agency.

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