Webinar (06.06 @ 16:00)

Aleksander Kożuchowski-Przybyszewski
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On June 6, 2023, at 4:00 PM, the webinar “What Marketing and Sales Should Know Before Implementing a Website or Application” will take place.

The webinar is designed for marketers and salespeople who want to understand how to ensure the successful implementation of a digital product and avoid problems during its delivery.

The speaker will be Aleksander Kożuchowski-Przybyszewski, CEO & Head of Delivery at, who will:

✅ Present the most common challenges that arise during IT implementations and demonstrate how to leverage marketing skills to achieve the best possible outcome.

✅ Discuss how to choose the right tools and technologies and ensure effective communication and collaboration between the marketing and IT teams.

✅ Also, emphasize the importance of understanding IT and marketing processes in order to effectively collaborate and implement applications or websites.

The registration link is available here (link).

You’re invited!

Aleksander Kożuchowski-Przybyszewski
Head of Digital Products / Partner

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