• Angular.js
  • PHP
  • Symfony 4
  • Salesforce
  • Moodle

The need

One of the largest private universities in Poland, the SWPS University, needed a new online admissions platform to increase customer service quality and

reduce internal workload of its Admissions Office by making a larger part of the process doable by the candidates themselves.

The solution

Together with the SWPS Admissions Office we, as a part of KERRIS Group, created a modern, mobile-friendly admissions portal, allowing the candidates from all over the world to easily apply – even on the go! While keeping the user side nice and easy, we implemented a lot of powerful features behind the scenes, to make sure that our Customer has a future-proof solution able to handle any and all future admissions. Some of those features are:

• Customized admissions processes

• Electronic contract service

• Managing admissions via Salesforce

• Dedicated solutions for student brokers

• Monitoring of admission status

• Admission form handling system

• Assigning candidates to language groups based on their language test results (Moodle)

• Scheduling admission interviews online

The result

A modern, mobile-friendly admissions portal used by over 16 000 candidates per year while significantly reduced internal workload of the Admissions Office.