The Software Boutique.

When working in the world of technology, it is important to stay connected with people. Experience boutique-quality software delivery.

Before we get to work

We care for your business first. With the smart approach and well-structured business model, we can work on your app. Don't get us wrong: we want you to succeed. So first things first.

Experience boutique-quality software delivery.


the tech we deliver must meet your business goals.
Before we build digital stuff for you, we first verify, what you - your business and your customers - really need. That's the only way to learn what to design. The tech we deliver must meet your business goals. So let’s learn them first.

top-notch communication

it is important to stay in touch with our humanity, while we work in a world of technology.
Dedicated customer support, in line with specific requirements – through a direct communication flow. Great communication saves time and, what’s more, increases efficiency. Entire attention and expertise, whenever this is required. Always up to date with project status and the quality of the work.

tech concept first

market and business relevant tech.
We know how to create quality code, but we believe that it is not the most important element in the process of creating a digital product - and only one of many. We prioritize business and concept works and those aimed at selecting the optimal solution architecture. We strongly focus on competences related to interface design (Product Design), usability maximization, conversion, but also communication.

don’t SCRUM me here

In the digital world, change is constant – so instead of avoiding it, we expect it.
A collaborative framework that will be most effective (not standardized and template). We simplify the most complex circumstances using best practices, knowledge, and experience. We define a process that allows you to maximize the efficiency of work while responding to any specific requirements.


Everything we do, we do for you.
Therefore, each stage of our work is visible. We lay all cards on the table. There is nothing to hide both in terms of the project environment and work progress or the level of commitment of individual members and their seniority. We are a partner, not just a contractor, therefore we play fair.

We worked with

Here are some of the companies that worked with our team

Our services


High performance, SEO optimization and easy to use CMS. We put it all together using WordPress, being one of the best in Europe.

Product design

We have marketing background and know how to design an interface that will increase your product conversion and also align with your communication strategy.

Mobile apps

We know how to implement hybrid mobile applications using Native Script. And we are good at it. Simple as that.

IT & digital consulting

We are a team of business-oriented digital experts with proven track record, providing you with high-quality consulting services.

Custom software development

We are specialists and enthusiasts of tailor-made IT systems. UX optimized, scalable, highly secure, converting according to your business goals.


We implement eCommerce focusing on optimizing the customer journey and maximizing conversion. The profitability of your business is fundamental to us.


Tech we use


  • React.js
  • Angular
  • Vue.js


  • PHP Symfony
  • PHP Cake
  • PHP Laravel
  • PHP Zend
  • Python


  • WooCommerce
  • Sylius
  • Custom


  • Native Script


  • WordPress


  • Tree.js

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